Darrius is a psychopathic pokemon poacher who has made it his goal to capture Tornadus. He appears in the Anime in BW102 where he is the main antagonist. He is first seen in the episode trying to capture Tornadus with his Beartic but fails when he is challenged to a match by Ash where he instantly defeats Scraggy. He is later seen aiding Team Rocket in their latest plot to steal electricity off of Cabaleros City but is stopped by Wild Eelektross who then defeat him. Ash then challenges him to a doublle battle with Emboar and Servine against Beartic and Reuniclus Emobar defeated Beartic but lost to Reuniclus who is then in turn defeated by Servine.


Beartic is Darrius's main pokemon,it battled and defeated Ash's scraggy despite the type disadvantage. she then battles Ash in a rematch but lost to Emboar. Her known moves are Icicle Crash,Blizzard,Hidden Power and Return.

Reuniclus is Darrius's other pokemon it battled Ash and defeated Emboar but lost to Servine. It's known moves are Dizzy Punch .Shadow Ball,Psyshock and Giga Impact

Other Pokemon

Mienshao is another of Darrius's pokemon who helped him and Team Rocket to steal electricity from Cabaleros City. However he was Defeated by Wild Elelektross. His only known move is Drain Punch